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What we do?

  1. In house or copyright content
  2. Content is available as text for SMS /USSD/Data, as audio for OBR/IVR/Data and as video for Data.
  3. Multilingual supported – English, Persian, Hindi, French, other European languages and more.
  4. Categories of content –
    1. Football
    2. Sports
    3. Health services
    4. Life style services
    5. Financial services
    6. Education and Career services
  5. 3 rd Party API integration
    1. API integration with any content provider
    2. API to deliver existing content as XML/ JSon or text
  1. Subscription services -
    1. Daily, weekly or monthly subscription.
    2. Auto renewal or event based charging supported.
    3. Subscription via SMS, USSD, OBD, IVR, Web or Mobile application.
    4. Free trial option
  2. Billing services –
    1. MO & MT based charging
    2. Billing for all platforms including SMS, USSD, OBD, IVR or Data.
    3. Ready to use platform – Huawei SDP, Scream, UCIP, PSA, Rate code and custom.
    4. Configurable Fallback or step down charging
    5. Double opt-in supported.
  1. Service can be configured on SMS, USSD, IVR or Data platform.
  2. MSR Quiz Service: It allows subscribers to play specific category quiz and win exciting prizes. This quiz would engage users to test their knowledge by asking each player of the quiz a set of 5 questions. There are prizes to be won at different stages of the quiz.
  3. Prediction Service: It allows all sports fans from all over the world to predict the result of a match or man of the match or winner of a competition or any kind of prediction.
  4. Campus Voting: This service is use to vote for a contestant from different categories in a university campus. Subscriber has to register for the category before voting for his/her favorite contestant.
  1. We provide custom solution for following platforms – SMS, USSD, OBD, IVR and Data.
  2. Following configurable solutions are available –
    1. Platform for content delivery
    2. Platform for promotion
    3. Platform for subscription
    4. Platform for interactive services like Quiz, prediction, survey and more
    5. On demand services
    6. SMS / USSD gateway connectivity
    7. SDP connectivity
    8. XML/ Json API connectivity
    9. DLR configuration
    10. Push and pull content
  1. We can provide custom solution as mobile application (Android, iPhone, hybrid), WAP/Web site or data API.
  2. Football application - We have configurable Football news and score application in android and iPhone. Application is CMS driven.
  3. Quiz application – Sports/general Quiz League mobile & WAP application allows all sports/category fans all over the world to play sports/category quiz and win exciting prices. Application is configurable for different categories.
  4. Call Me Back app – It allows users to send a message/miss call to their friend & family low balance. It’s integrated over USSD Short code service designed for the same purpose. It has simple and user friendly Interface. It have once click dial for address book.
  5. Self-care application – This is for handling all telecom subscribers’ queries and customer
  6. Virtual Contact app – It secures your phone contacts in the cloud and makes them available from any mobile device around you at any moment when your phone is off or Lost.

Why us


Solutions that are scalable to handle millions of users and billions of transactions


Solutions developed and deployed in days & weeks instead of months & years


Solutions that are costeffective and which help reduce cost of operations


Solutions that drive and foster collaboration with 360° information & reporting


Solutions which seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and resources


Solutions which leverage the power of Mobile and are available anywhere/anytime


SMS, USSD, OBD, IVR and Data


SDP, Scream, UCIP and PSA, MO/ MT using paid short code

Sports content

Football, Basketball, Tennis, Formula one, Cricket, Volleyball, Golf and more

Other content

Health, Leisure, Recipe, Entertainment, Business & more

Interactive services

Quiz Prediction, Fantasy and Survey

Apps & services

Self care, Virtual contact, Skill based quiz, prediction, campus voting (instead of copyright)

About us

Integrating different services with TELCOs & provides customer care page to TELCOs to support subscribers 24x7. Turn information into knowledge. Incorporated in 2009 by young enterprising minds with global multi-vendor experience and to achieve a goal to create and deliver technology solutions offering value to clients business. Technology enabled business solutions has helped the company to create and sustain a competitive position in the dynamic marketplace. Methodology-based and quality-focused methods of software creation has helped the company to create a reputation of high quality, cost effective and efficient business solutions. Process oriented delivery management has helped to expedite project completion without compromising on quality.

The core vision of MSR Technologies is to create innovative, reliable and quality solutions and our mission is to succeed with the help of our values, culture and ethics to deliver products and solution that meet the aspirations of our esteemed clients. MSR Technologies builds products and solutions for consumers and enterprises globally - in doing so we conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives. A multi-dimensional approach, planned to support growth and technology advancement, ensures that the solutions we architect for our clients are built in a most productive and effective manner.

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